Clinique Médicale et Esthétique "Labelle"

Dr Kivenko

After dedicating about 15 years to academic medicine, Dr Kivenko realized that there was a desire to get involved into the world of beauty and to help people preserve and maintain the beauty of their bodies and of their face.

The new opportunities offered by the aesthetic medicine inspire and empower Dr Kivenko to learn more and more and to practice in this wonderful branch of medicine.

Having received extensive training in Canada and the United States, she has been certified by the Canadian Council of Aesthetic Medicine and the Botox Course and Fillers to practice in Canada.

With all my technical skills, she cab can offer a high level approach to patients to strengthen their confidence in their appearance.

Dr Kivenko works in the field of family medicine to provide a health problem management service for her patients. His knowledge enables her to ensure the appropriate level of follow-up and resolution of patient concerns.