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Filler agent

Hyaluronic acide

Over the years, our faces gradually lose their natural volume. This loss is associated with the thinning of the epidermis, cutaneous atrophy and the loss of elastic tissue. These changes cause the skin to become less hydrated, thinner, drier and more fragile. Products containing hyaluronic acid, a powerful moisturizing molecule, not only hydrate the skin, but are also highly effective at providing it with volume and fullness. Filling agent injections could provide improvements and rejuvenation through the following treatments :

Areas to be treated and types of treatment


As it is a biosynthetic product, hyaluronic acid generally does not cause allergic reactions. In the immediate injection area, patients may experience mild redness, swelling or minor bruising. Other potential side effects will be explained by the physician according to the type of procedure.


Before the procedure, the physician will discuss with the patient the problem areas to be treated and the treatment plan, which the patient will have to approve. Taking photographs before and after the procedure is a helpful step. Once the treatment has been administered, it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun, intense physical training and extreme cold. Depending on the product and the individual’s reaction, the best results can last for a period of six to twelve months.

Acide hyaluronique (agent de comblement)

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