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Tattoo removal with the Picosure Pro Laser in Laval and Montreal area

Welcome to LABELLE Clinic - your destination of choice for tattoo removal with Picolaser

Are you tired of your tattoo?

Would you like to regain clear and clear skin?

Our team specializing in picolaser tattoo removal is here to offer you an effective and safe solution to remove your unwanted tattoo.

The benefits of tattoo removal with Picolaser:​

Our clinic uses the Picolaser, an advanced technology that emits ultra-short pulses to fragment the pigment particles in your tattoo. Thanks to its precision, the picolaser specifically targets the pigments without damaging the surrounding skin.

Picolaser tattoo removal offers spectacular results, allowing faster and more complete removal of unwanted pigment compared to traditional lasers. You will see a significant improvement in your tattoo after each session.

To ensure optimal healing and progressive results, we generally recommend a spacing of approximately 6 weeks between tattoo removal sessions. This allows your skin to recover and be ready for the next treatment.

Before starting your tattoo removal journey, it is crucial that you stay out of the sun for at least 4 weeks before each treatment. Likewise, we advise you to protect your skin with a suitable sunscreen with a high SPF for the 2 weeks following each session.

At LABELLE Clinic we welcome you in a warm and professional environment. Our qualified and experienced picolaser tattoo removal team will accompany you throughout the process to answer your questions and concerns.

Take control of your appearance today!​

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your tattoo and get back to having trouble-free skin, our picolaser tattoo removal treatment is the perfect solution. Don’t wait any longer to make an appointment at Clinique Labelle and find out how our cutting-edge technology can help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Treatment plan​

Please note that the number of sessions required to completely remove a tattoo depends on various factors such as the size, color and age of the tattoo. During your initial consultation, our team will assess your individual situation and develop a personalized treatment plan for you.

Our general recommendations are:

– 6 weeks space between treatments

– No sun exposure 4 weeks before treatment and 2 weeks after treatment, sunscreen.

Contact us today to book your consultation and start your journey to flawless skin!

Tattoo removal with the Picosure Pro laser in Laval and the greater Montreal area. Price of tattoo removal treatment with Laser PicoSure Pro
Tattoo removal with the Picosure Pro Laser in Laval and Montreal area

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