Clinique Médicale et Esthétique "Labelle"

Our Team

Doctor Veronika Kivenko

Family doctor (private)

Doctor Veronika Kivenko is well known not only in the Canadian medical community, but also among European and American medical professionals.

Beyond the activity of general practitioner, Doctor Kivenko devotes herself to aesthetic medicine with the same dedication. For her, helping people preserve the beauty of their face and body is part of a global approach to health with positive effects in terms of self-esteem and self-confidence.

In addition, new technologies and techniques in the aesthetic medicine industry are taken as professional challenges to provide beauty consumers with the most effective solutions and treatments. Having followed several training courses in this field in Canada, the United States and Europe, Doctor Kivenko offers a high-level professional approach certified by the Canadian Council of Aesthetic Medicine.

Doctor Amira Thamri

Family doctor (private)

Amira Thamri is a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of Sherbrooke in family medicine. Before settling in Quebec in 2016, she practiced as a medical specialist in gynecology and obstetrics for eight years after twelve years of university studies in her country of origin. 

Her training and practice in a remote region also enabled her to perform minor surgeries. Private practice now enables her to devote more time to her patients using a global and human approach and to direct her practice towards an area of family medicine that she is particularly passionate about, women’s health.

Doctor Eveline Wecowski

Family doctor (private)

Family doctor experienced in a variety of areas of general medicine, such as chronic disease management, disease prevention, primary care, etc.

Doctor Wecowski is specialized in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression and attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity (ADHD).

She is known for her patience, kindness and attention to each patient, listening attentively to their concerns and working with them to find the best possible treatment approach.

Also, Doctor Wecowski strongly believes that mental health is essential to the overall well-being of the individual and actively works to promote holistic care for her patients.

Doctor Sarkis Yeretsian

General surgeon

A general surgeon, Sarkis Yeretsian acts as a consultant at our clinic and is able to make a diagnosis and refer anyone in need of surgery to the outpatient clinic best suited to their situation. The holder of 4 patents in the US, he has, among other things, developed a new operating technique, now recognized worldwide in the advanced field of hemorrhoid surgery, and has performed more than 3000 operations of this type. He participates in several research projects in general surgery, proctology and cardiovascular surgery. He recently described a new approach using liquid hydrogel in the treatment of pilonidal disease and perianal fistula.

Doctor Jean Simard


Consultant urologist for the  team of our clinic, Dr. Jean Simard has an extensive experience in general urology, both male and female ones. A graduate in medicine from Laval University, this former head of the surgery department at the Cité de la Santé de Laval continued his studies in urology in the programs of McGill and Montreal universities. Graduated from the Royal College in 1978 with the title of fellow, he mainly pursued his career as a urologist at the Cité de La Santé de Laval and at the Center hospitalier de Saint-Eustache for which he was also head of urology services. Very involved in his professional associations, he was president of the Association of Urologists of Quebec and member of the board of directors of the Federation of Medical Specialists of Quebec for 10 years.

Hebah Asfour


The member of the Order of Dietitian Nutritionists of Quebec (ODNQ), Hebah Asfour is a professional graduate from the University of Montreal, speaker and blogger, who has been practicing since 2013. Attached to Maisonneuve-Rosemont Hospital, she intervenes in this context. more specifically in nephrology, since clinical nutrition plays a role in the prevention and management of kidney disease. Her expertise allows her, among other things, to offer solutions for weight control or diabetes. In addition, it can also meet the needs of people suffering from high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease or, even, help women to better live their pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Tatiana Chalina

Massage therapist

She is a massage therapist with more than 10 years of experience in therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage, osteo massage and reflexology, Tatiana is a member of the Ordre des massothérapeutes du Québec. Her diversified approach according to the techniques can promote relaxation, the appeasement of muscular pains or the increase in the level of energy.

Chantal Sakr

Clinical skincare specialist and laser master

Chantal has an advanced aesthetic diplomat and degree approved by “Soins Personnels Québec” for anti age laser treatment and laser hair removal. Her true passion is to provide an exceptional experience to every patient under her care” .