Clinique Médicale et Esthétique "Labelle"

Health care

In addition to offering general consultations to people who are already followed by their family doctor at the clinic or who have made an appointment in family medicine with RAMQ via the Bonjour-santé service, Clinique Labelle offers different types of doctors and paramedics care by appointment.

Medical care

• Private family medicine (outside RAMQ)

   The clinic is able to receive patients from outside RAMQ in private family medicine with or without an appointment to carry out, among other things: health check-up and follow-up; Mental Health ; pregnancy monitoring and women’s health.  En savoir plus 

• Blood analysis and medical laboratory

A partner of Laboratoires Biron, the clinic offers several sampling and analysis services.

• Surgery

  In the event that surgery seems desirable, the clinic offers you a consultation with a surgical professional who will direct you to the best possible resource. Learn more

• Gynecology

At the clinic, women’s health is central. Our gynecological support aims for the proper functioning of the female genital system from puberty to menopause. Learn more

• Urology

  The clinic offers urology services to treat male and female urinary system problems as well as male reproductive tract conditions. Learn more

Paramedical care

• Dietetics

A scientific approach to food helps alleviate metabolic or diabetes-related problems and promotes better weight control. Learn more

• Massage therapy

The therapeutic massage offered at the clinic uses different techniques as needed to promote relaxation, soothe muscle pain, lower stress levels and increase energy levels. Learn more

• Psychosocial support

The clinic provides people experiencing difficult situations related to work or family relationships with the support of a social worker in order to positively transform the relationship between people and their surrounding environment so that they regain their power to act. Learn more