Clinique Médicale et Esthétique "Labelle"

Private medicine

Our section that provides private medical care, outside the RAMQ, includes walk-in consultations, telemedicine, a complete medical examination, patient care and follow-up, minor surgery and women’s health services, such as pregnancy follow-up, the Pap test and IUD insertion.

Private family medicine

The clinic can provide patients of all ages a complete health assessment through private care, with or without an appointment.

Private family medicine specialists provide family medicine care, including mental health and certain minor skin treatments.

Private services offered

  • Minor emergency
  • Family medicine care
  • Mental health
  • Dermatological problems and minor skin treatments
  • Complete health assessment and follow-up
  • Hormone therapy


  • Minor emergency or follow-up: from $150
  • Full health assessment: $425

For more information regarding our services and prices, please contact us through our contact page.

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