Clinique Médicale et Esthétique "Labelle"

Professional psychosocial and therapeutic support


Dear friends, we are pleased to welcome to our clinic Mr. Hamid Bachouche, social worker, specializing in the resolution of relational and emotional problems, especially the management of emotions, panic attacks, depressive and anxiety disorders.
It will be a pleasure for Mr. Bachouche to welcome you in order to meet your needs. Find professional psychosocial and therapeutic support in this problematic time with Mr. Bachouche.
Do not hesitate to call us for more information regarding appointments and pricing.

We remind you of the procedures for accessing the private medical services offered by the specialists at our clinic:

– When you use our professional care, you will have to pay the cost of the services provided by our specialists. Your expenses will not be reimbursed by the RAMQ. You will receive a receipt for your tax return.
– The health insurance card is not accepted. But, the majority of our costs are reimbursable by your private insurance.
– Generally, a consultation aims to treat a single problem. Consequently, just as you present your RAMQ card to the public system each time you consult, you are billed a fee each time you have to meet a doctor at our clinic (whether for a follow-up, a reassessment, an adjustment or a medication check, even if the reason for your consultation remains the same).

Our private medicine services:
-Family Medicine
-Cosmetic surgery
– Women’s medicine
-Minor emergencies
-Blood test
“Labelle” medical and aesthetic clinic
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