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Body sculpting

B-Shape T. M. C. for Ultimate Body Care

This treatment is offered in collaboration with the official partner of the clinic - Dolce Coiffure & SPA

B-Shape T.M.C. is a technology that sends high intensity focused electromagnetic waves to stimulate a supramaximal muscle contraction that penetrate 7 cm under the skin.

Superior to a weightlifting workout, but without the efforts, 30 minutes can replace a 5-hour workout; it’s between 20 000 to 80 000 supramaximal contractions every session. We suggest between 4 and 6 sessions for best results, and for a limited time only, the 4th session is free if you book 3 one-hour sessions.

By contracting your muscles, they release lactic acid that attacks your fat cells to create energy that feeds your muscles. In short, B-Shape transforms your fat mass into muscle mass.

Exceptional Benefits for Your Body

–        20% Fat Reduction

–        18% Increase in Muscle Mass

–        11% Increase in Firmness

–        Increase in Metabolism

truSculpt® iD

This treatment is offered in collaboration with the official partner of the clinic - Dolce Coiffure & SPA

The truSculpt iD is Cutera’s newest body shaper solution, offering a personalized hands-free and manual mode solution that will revolutionize your practice. This powerful non-invasive monopolar RF platform adapts to each patient’s needs and includes real-time temperature monitoring for clinically proven results while ensuring patient safety and comfort. The truSculpt iD System treats the full thickness of adipose tissue, resulting in an average fat reduction of 24%. The system offers unique versatility in the use and positioning of the handpieces and offers personalized 15-minute protocols to treat the entire abdomen or several parts of the body simultaneously.

Sculpt with open arms

The TruSculpt iD offers a unique and individual approach to improving the contour and firmness of the arm.

  • Unique approach to treat sagging skin
  • Treat difficult areas
  • Synchronized processing areas
  • No downtime

Sculpt your legs one step ahead

Thighs are typically out of proportion to the rest of the lower body, prompting growing interest in slimming legs. TruSculpt iD offers an individualized and incomparable solution for reshaping the inner and outer thighs of all shapes and sizes. Give your patients a boost and the desire to display a refined silhouette.

  • Versatile for treating fatty tissue of different densities
  • Suitable for small or large areas
  • Multiple processing configurations
  • Immediate resumption of normal activities
truSculpt ID in action
truSculpt® iD Dos

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