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Injections de Botox à Laval et dans la grande région de Montreal

Botox injections in Laval and the Montreal area

Botox treatment - botulinum toxin

Are you tired of battling stubborn fine lines and wrinkles that seem to appear out of nowhere? Look no further than LABELLE Clinic where you can benefit from a safe and effective Botox treatment that delivers remarkable results. Our expert doctors are dedicated to helping you achieve the youthful, glowing skin you desire, while ensuring your safety throughout the process. Treatment with botulinum toxin consists of a series of usually painless injections, using a fine needle. The duration of the treatment is a few minutes and the patients can resume their normal activities after the injections.

Indications for Botox Treatment

The neuromodulator treatment( with Botox, Nuceiva, Dysport), a proven cosmetic treatment, is renowned for its ability to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It is especially effective in treating crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines. At LABELLE Clinic our skilled doctors carefully assess your unique facial characteristics to determine the ideal treatment plan tailored to your needs. We believe in enhancing your natural beauty while maintaining a subtle and elegant transformation.

Contraindications and Safe Procedure

While Botox is a safe and widely used treatment, it’s important to note that there are certain contraindications. Pregnant or breastfeeding individuals, as well as those with certain neuromuscular disorders, should consult with our experienced medical professionals before undergoing treatment. LABELLE Clinic places your safety as a top priority, and our doctors will conduct a thorough assessment to ensure that Botox treatment is suitable for you.

Botox injections in Laval and the greater Montreal area - Botox treatment - botulinum toxin - The Botox procedure - Treatment areas with Botox injections - Botox treatment at Clinique LABELLE​

The Botox Procedure

The Botox procedure at LABELLE Clinic is a minimally invasive process that involves the precise injection of the Botox solution into targeted muscles. Our doctors possess the expertise to administer injections with precision, ensuring the best results while minimizing discomfort. The procedure is relatively quick, often lasting around 15 to 30 minutes, allowing you to resume your daily activities shortly afterward.

Treatment areas with Botox injections​

Botox injections are usually performed in the facial muscles to treat expression lines. The areas treated are:

Post-treatment care for optimal results​

After your Botox treatment, there are a few guidelines to follow to ensure the best possible outcome. It’s normal to experience slight redness or swelling at the injection sites, which typically subsides within a few hours. Avoid strenuous activities and excessive sun exposure immediately after the treatment. Our doctors will provide you with comprehensive aftercare instructions to maximize the longevity of your results.

Get the best results with doctor-administered injections

At LABELLE Clinic your Botox injections are always performed by our skilled and certified doctors. Our commitment to excellence means that you’ll receive treatments from professionals who possess a deep understanding of facial anatomy and the nuances of administering Botox. This expertise guarantees not only your safety but also the achievement of the most natural-looking and impressive results.

Botox treatment at LABELLE​ Clinic

Discover the transformational power of Botox treatment at LABELLE Clinic located in Laval, with a service coverage area for the greater Montreal area. Say goodbye to annoying wrinkles and hello to smoother, younger-looking skin. Schedule your consultation today and take the first step towards a more confident you!​

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