Clinique Médicale et Esthétique "Labelle"



Looking for solutions to treat your wrinkles and fine lines?
Rosacea, acne and scars turned your life into a nightmare?
No hope for solving the problems of uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, diffuse redness, dull complexion or skin that lacks tone?


All these problems can be eliminated by Laser Genesis treatments: non-invasive solutions offered by our clinic.

You will find more details on the treatment of these health problems in this video production which is part of a series of informative capsules produced by the medical specialists of the “Labelle” Aesthetic Medical Clinic.

Presentation: by Dr. Veronika Kivenko
Collaborator, Health Columnist: Valerie Brunet
Video design and production: Viorel Margineanu
Partner: Laser XEO Cutera

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